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Pastry-making company, Magdalenas manufacturers, Frozen Bread and Pastry.

IN.PA.CA.SA, founded in 1945, is a pastry-making company that, growing every day, can offer you better services, products and our special affection, the affection only can be given to the people that entrust their feeding to us. Our cakes, made with care and attention, try to make a smile of satisfaction in people that give us their approval.

IN.PA.CA.SA, with a great tradition in the making of Magdalenas, Frozen Bread and Pastry, has brought into its industrial process the sector´s most advanced technology.

IN.PA.CA.SA, is engaged in an important trading activity in the domestic and international markets, adapting its products to the specifications of companies of world wide renown.

If history is enriching, the future is even more promising. IN.PA.CA.SA, will remain faithful to its principles and vocation of maximum guarantee, quality and rigour in the service towards clients and consumers.